Welcome to my XJ6 blog

My previous car, a crappy Toyota Camry fell to bits on me after 7 years and nearly 300,000 total km, so I needed a new car. While saving up, I had to decide what I wanted next. Well, long story short, I ended up lusting after Jaguars. I test drove every XJ6 X300 that I could, after my research in the Jaguar Forums indicated that the (more desirable looking) X308 XJ8 were in fact fraught with problems, incl exploding engines and transmissions, and I would be much better off getting the older X300 which are pretty much a warmed over XJ40, sharing the same interiors and nearly the same engine, etc.

I ended up buying a late model 1997 X300 XJ6 LWB 3.2, it was the best one I tried, but also the most expensive, and it has enough leg room in the back to have a party….

At the time of writing I have had the car a little over 6 months and have done some work to it, I wanted to capture that work plus any further improvements here. Look for entries when I do something to the car