Future plans

I have compiled a bit of a list of things that need fixing or upgrading on the Jag, this is what I would like to slowly accomplish:

  • Add OBDII wifi reader (on its way from amazon right now)
  • Track down minor coolant leak
  • Replace rocker cover gaskets (leaks oil)
  • Replace headlights (mains are fogged)
  • Replace rear shocks and shock bushes (clunks over bumps)
  • Replace brake rotors, pads and fluid (dusty and ineffective)
  • Install baffle around K&N to keep cool
  • Tint windows
  • Replace head unit and speakers
  • Add USB ports somewhere
  • Better wheels
  • Repaint RHR door (clear coat is buggered)
  • Repair clock (common fault)
  • Replace broken rear fog light switch
  • Replace noisy electric fans

And lots of other things!